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"Heh, that trick works for both men and women. Darling, you're not leaving me today without learning these tricks. I'm sure you would be very curious, and your hands would definitely cooperate with me." Her fingers teased the back of Susu's hands, sending goosebumps all over her body.


The next morning, Chen Mu did a basic body check on Susu before they headed to her appointment at the hospital. Seeing the smile on his face, her legs wrapped around his legs and her arms rubbed his cheeks, "Everythingggg goood? Doctor. Chen Mu~"


"Banging on the stone walls, biting on the metal chain and attacking the person who delivered my meals...everything was useless. Then, day by day, different people would take my blood, hair and anything they thought were necessary for the experiment. I was trapped and prepared for death once I become useless to them. Hah..but I was given a second chance to live."


Lin Que stood by his side as Chen Mu shed tears and threw fists at his own chest. "She's a designer and she already lost the ability to design clothes. And now I have to tell her this?"


She even dared to argue that patients are stupid for not having savings to pay up their debt. Her exact words were, "those who doesn't have savings accounts are extremely dumb. How could they not prepare themselves for emergencies? Sheesh, so stupid."


"Alright, then let's change to a different location. Let's go to the dock." Susu handed her credit card to the waitress and then signed her signature.

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Without any painkillers, Karen felt the cold tool against the back of her teeth, heard the small cracks as each tooth separated from her gums and tasted the heavy splashing iron flavored liquid that she used to enjoy while eating steak. When Kitty was finished with the extraction, Karen only had a few tooth's left inside her mouth. The only reason why some weren't removed was because those were bigger in size and the bleeding would be too much for Karen to handle.


"I'm...planning to tell him when I show him that place. I just never thought that I would bring him there already." Her eyes swelled up slightly as she curved the corner of her lips to a smile.


His laughing face from earlier floated in her mind and she wanted to keep every piece of memory that she had with him. She took out her phone that was on her side of the bed and opened the sketch program.


"You forgot about something." He touched his lips with his index finger and bent forward.


His hands continued to tease her sensual curves as he challenged her endurance level. The sensation was too much to hold in, but right when she was about to release a loud moan, a knock interrupted their activity.


Before she could finish her sentence, Chen Mu broke a small bone in her left wrist. His hands were trembling from anger as he thought of how clueless this nurse could be. He cursed at her continuously, "how are you fucking qualified to be a nurse in the first place? You didn't know what? Excuses and all these bullshit. Even a kid would know the importance of medical treatments especially one for cancer patients! You injected an unknown drug thinking its just vitamins when it could've been poison!"


Hearing his words, Chen Nan comforted Ariana while whispering, "With us here, we won't let history repeat itself, okay? It's alright. I'm here. We can stop them."



"Wow! Uncle is very evil." Susu made silent "tsk" sounds and shook her head. Ariana squinted from where Susu was standing and instantly agreed after getting a clearer view of the game, "very scheming, indeed."



When Susu arrived at the mall, Lily was holding two hot milk teas and staring at it intently. The moment she caught Susu's figure at the corner of her eye, she smiled happily and gave her a tight hug.


"It's Susu's choice at the end! Susu, remain married to me. I've offered it before and this offer still stands." He shouted loud as a bell that Karen's eyes widened in shock.


"Because you have no choice. Behind these doors, my daughter could use the same scalpel and slice each tendon, muscle, veins and other parts that wouldn't kill you instantly. By the time you regret your choice, you would be either hurting like hell as you feel each fresh cut cutting you to sashimi layers or crying to change your decision. Karen tricked you twice, but we didn't. I'm offering you a chance for revenge. What do you say?"

  • Ariana angled Kitty's face towards Susu's bed with her sneakers as Lily continued, "she was laughing, smiling and talking with us about the future a little over three hours ago. She is the most wonderful girl I've ever known and because of her, her boyfriend dedicated his time to being a doctor just to cure her. Just when they were so close to the finish line, you came in and wrecked it. Now, we can't even see a finish line. Do you really have the right to call yourself a victim?"
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